Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Nutrient Cycle (Friday, November 2 only)

This post only applies for students taking the Nutrition Cycles class with me on Friday, Nov. 2.  Exploratorium students please ignore this post.      

The Carbon Cycle 
Watch: NASA: Keeping up with Carbon

Answer the following questions while watching the video:

1. Where is carbon stored in the world?

2.  Describe through a diagram how carbon is exchanged on land between plants, animals, and soil.  

3. Write down three important facts about carbon in oceans.

4. Describe the role of phytoplankton in the carbon cycle.  

5. Use a diagram to describe the process of upwelling. 

6. Describe the relationship between oceans and climate change.  

7. How are humans negatively impacting carbon levels?

8.  How do warmer ocean waters affect the carbon cycle and marine ecosystems?

9. How are scientists monitoring carbon levels?

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