Friday, November 2, 2012

The SOFeX Expedition

Only applies to grad class with Mr. Young on Friday, Nov. 2.  Please ignore this post exploratorium students.  

1. Read the overview of the SOFeX project:



2. Discuss the following questions:

- What is the aim of the SOFeX Project?
- What specific questions do you think scientists will seek to answer during the cruise?
- how do you think scientists will go about their investigations during the cruise?
- how will the results of this cruise help scientists understand the global carbon cycle, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration and climate control?

3. Explore the Cruise logbook, and the equipment and people pages:




4. Complete the SOFeX Cruise information sheet.  

5. Have each group prepare a "request for funding" brochure for the SOFeX Cruise, using information they have found throughout their investigation.  Students should include information on goals, rationale and purpose of the cruise; questions to be investigated; equipment and technology; and people involved.  

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